Sergio Calderón & Céli Lee
Iron String (2021)
CD + Book, Digital download

Limited Edition of 117 hand-numbered copies. 28 pages softcover book (21cm x 21cm) with CD-R and a A3 poster, including Digital Download (320kbps - MP3 + WAV 16/44.1k + PDF Book).

MU & Céli Lee
A Journal of Transform (2018)
CD + Book, Digital download

變形記 - A Journal of Transform is a multimedia project created by Céli Lee with her band MU. It contains 18 specially curated graphite drawings by Céli, and 13 dedicated musical compositions by MU to these artworks.

The piece is a compelling fusion of original visual and musical creativity that invites audience to a total adventure.

The album was recorded by MU in Tokyo and London between 2017 and 2018. The 13 new instrumental compositions ranges from ambient, jazz, rock, folk and noise, creating new music that transcends all genres and expectations. With this new release, MU invites audience to a powerful and unforgettable journey touched by Céli's magic.

Céli Lee
Sakura (2017)

Sakura is a photobook. This intimate and searing collection of photographs was taken during a rehearsal from the dancer Sakura Kurosawa in Nagoya, Japan in fall 2016.

With a phenomenal intensity and delicacy, Céli captures the chemistry of perceptions’ transformations into fantasy and image.

In 2017, ENTERTAINING VIOLENCE released this collection of photographs into a photobook, with limited edition of 99 copies, 40 pages, 18 black-and-white photographs and a c-type photographic print on the cover. Each volume is individually signed and numbered by Céli Lee herself.

Céli Lee
At the Mountains of Madness (2016)

At the Mountains of Madness is an illustrated book filled with wild imagination and darkest fantasies. It is a mixture of beauty, life and decadence.

The book features one Gatefold and 10 complimentary drawings. All delicately executed with the finest mechanical pencil.

Published by ENTERTAINING VIOLENCE in 2016. Softcover. A3 size. 10 drawing plates. 1 poster 98x28.2cm. Limited edition of 200 copies. Each volume is individually signed and numbered by Céli Lee herself.

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